Let’s do this thing

Another resolution blog! That’s essentially what I realized I was doing when this idea was conceived and I was both happy and bitter about that. Happy for new adventures but bitter because everyone has resolutions and (like all millennials) I want to be original and inspiring. I also didn’t want my idea-blog to crash and burn like so many other well intentioned but poorly planned resolutions. So I made a plan. Literally. In a word document and everything. And I’m hoping to stick to it because it has to the potential to be a highly rewarding, exciting and interesting labor of love.

I’m going to do 52 cool things this year, hopefully, but most likely roughly, once every week. Why? I realized that I have become complacent (thanks Netflix) and looking back on 2016 I wished I had done more. Seen more live music, visited more friends, tried yoga, gone rock climbing, taken more #selfies (sue me), just lived more. Some would call that fomo, I call it inspiration. So this year I’m going to live more and I have a plan to make it happen. I might not have the the biggest budget or the nicest camera or even the most time but I do have the ability to do so damnit I’m going to do.

Am I going to make it? I guess you’ll have to follow me to find out.



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