Fashion Log #1

My first shoot in over a year included a lot of shots of me making dumb faces, laughing at my rusty posing job and a quick change behind my friend’s car. Overall, I was happy with the content and thankful my photographer Sara didn’t get mad every time I wanted to pet the dogs walking by. It can only get smoother for us from here, right?

This is typical walking to/from work wear for me. I was born and raised in MN where we know how to get our cold on. No, the answer is not hibernating, it’s layering (and beer). Not the cute cropped sweater and a light jacket layering either but the long underwear, big sweater, scarf, vest, jacket zipped up to your chin, hat, hood, two pairs of mittens, I-look-like-a-marshmallow kind of layering. Now that I live in Philly, where we mostly have baby winters and an occasional snow flurry, I don’t have to rock the marshmallow look but still need to keep warm with a good coat. This Uniqlo hooded jacket is that coat (it’s also on sale, #treatyoself). It’s warm but still breathable and drapes nicely if you’re wearing a heavy knit sweater or a t-shirt. Also, there’s a hood, in case I forgot to mention that. This look is a typical above-freezing look for me; replace heels with boots and add a hat/big sweater for below freezing.



Photography: @Saraspicer

Production: @mariailona

Jacket: @UniqloUSA 

Scarf: @Gap

Pants: @forever21 

Top: @UrbanOutfitters 

Heels: @Target 


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