Do #1: Restaurant Week


It’s that time of year again, restaurant week in Philly that is, where I can try some of the more coveted dishes in Philly without making my wallet cry (it’s sensitive). For those of you unfamiliar, restaurant week is a period where restaurants in a specific area of Philadelphia offer discounted three-course meals, $35 for dinner in this case. The good: basically it’s the best excuse to treat yo self at that place you have been meaning to try. The bad: the cost doesn’t include alcohol, tax or tip. The solution: try a BYOB! I usually prefer some form of alcohol when I’m out for a meal so I tend to stay away from BYOs because apparently the meaning of BYO didn’t truly sink in until a couple months ago. You bring your own alcohol guys, not just abstain because they don’t sell it. So in an effort to maximize my restaurant week joy and minimize the dollars I spend, I decided to abstain from restaurant alcohol markups and actually bring something to a BYO. #progress

There were only 6 BYO options and after briefly perusing yelp and Facebook reviews my roommates and I settled on making a reservation at Pumpkin BYOB. My boyfriend crashed our ladies night (alright, I invited him because he’s a chef and I wanted his opinion) which turned out perfectly as we were able to try basically one of everything on the menu. And let me tell you, my body hasn’t been that pleased with itself after a meal in way too long. Restaurant week is a gift, it should be cherished and utilized because it’s so good you can’t even finish your dessert. That was a statement I never thought I would have to make but the food was actually that good. Take a look at what we tried below and then you may understand the blissful food coma we experienced after. 


Sweet Potato Soup with Curry, Almond and Raisins


Octopus with Chickpea, Grilled Celery and Rodicchio


Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Apple and Baocn


Short Ribs with Polenta, Escarole and Taleggio


Skate with Kale, Turnips, Yogurt and Zhug

If you missed this one, don’t worry there will be more this year! Follow @Philarestweek for updates and to learn when it’s time to get your reservation on.


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