Log #2 – Down for Drinks

Kelsey_Look 2_Picture 2.jpg

The work day is coming to an end, you had that second cup of coffee, someone said a nice thing about you in a meeting (obviously), and you have come to the conclusion that it is NOT a gym/Netflix night. It’s happy hour time which means no time to change after work but you’re still looking to turn that work-wear into whiskey-wear. Or beer or wine wear. It isn’t exactly going from day to night, it’s going from day to… not quite night yet, you’ll probably see a lot of people grabbing drinks still in their work wear. How can you look a little more off the clock without going full on night out?

  • Roll and/or tie it up, your sleeves and your shirt that is. It will instantly make your look a little more casual and a little more livable.
  • Go with a partial tuck to give off the same livable vibe with a little more coverage.
  • Add some bling. Put on a statement necklace or earrings, there’s probably something hanging out in your purse somewhere (or you can stash a back up at work).


Kelsey_Look 2_Picture 3.jpg

Kelsey_Look 2_Picture 4.jpg

Skirt: @whowhatwear (for Target)

Shirt: @hm

Shoes: @target

(Want some partial tuck tips? Check out this awesome how-to guide by Who What Wear)



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