Do #2 – Surprise Holiday Party

Sometimes you actually have your life together and you make good choices like making yourself a nice dinner after work, hitting the gym with a whole lot of energy and then going to bed at a reasonable hour. Other times your boss tells you only hours before the fact that your company holiday party is tonight and that there will be free beer and tacos. So you plan to get life together the next day because “free” and “beer” and “tacos” were all just used together in the same sentence. I had no choice.

For anyone wondering why the holiday party was in February: when you work at a bar, everyone has their holiday party at your place so you don’t get to have yours until everyone else is done. When you work at a sports bar, you don’t get to have yours until everyone else is done with the Super Bowl. That’s why the day after the Super Bowl (i.e. national hangover day, sorry Falcons fans) we all ended up at Garage – Fishtown for some team bonding. They have just about every canned beer your little heart could desire along with a full bar, an indoor food truck, skee ball and pool. Our owner gave us each $5 to play games so basically the night was an adult version of the arcade field trip everyone went on in elementary school. And it was just as magical, take a look below.






I’m glad I jumped on this surprise chance to do more. One of the points of this blog-venture is to teach myself to take advantage of opportunities to live when they arise and this was definitely one of those opportunities. I’m lucky because my life right now is flexible enough that I’m able to do more things without having to sacrifice doing what I already love to do. Next year when I look back at this year, maybe I will wish that I had done something that I wasn’t able to do but I will definitely not be disappointed that I didn’t do enough (at least so far this month). Here’s hoping I make it next month too, and the ones after that!

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