Do #3 – Party Bus Cheesesteaks

I’m going to start by saying that I have never been on a party bus before, or even had a drink on a bus for that matter, so when I got the invite to join a friend on her birthday party bus I was all in. Would there be laser lights? A partition (for Beyonce)? A stripper pole? A dapper driver with an amazing hat? There was so much potential, so many questions and only one way to find out: get on the bus. Thus, on Saturday night after a intense but victorious game of four way PacMan (ok, I tied for first), I found myself inside a laser-lit mobile party zone. It was everything I thought a party bus would be to a tee. Laser lights? Check. Stripper pole? Check. Alcohol? For sure. It was loud, colorful, a little bougie, a lot extra and absolutely perfect. We started in Fishtown and after driving for a bit, drinking some beer and learning how to dance in a moving vehicle without falling we stopped for a cheesesteak showdown at Pat’s and Geno’s.

For those not from Philly, cheesesteaks are a big deal around here and anyone who likes cheesesteak either goes to Pat’s or they go to Geno’s. Even though the restaurants are steps away from each they are not interchangeable and their devoted fans are not afraid to tell you why. It’s like using a Mac or a PC, you use one and disparage the other until the end of time. The bus had super fans from each side so we decided the restaurant that ended up with the most party bus consumers would be the winner. Though I’d had cheesesteak before, I hadn’t tried either of the famed cheesesteak providers until last weekend. After a completely legitimate and totally professional comprehensive comparison, turns out I’m a Pat’s girl. Personally I thought the meat was better, the cheese was on point and the french fries were a gift to humankind. Geno’s fans will tell you their bread, and basically everything else, is better. I’m still team Pat’s.

From now on when I see a party bus I will totally continue to snicker at the people inside but I will also be a little envious that I don’t have a laser lit mega Uber of my own. It allows you to party with the people, music and drinks you actually like AND it has a built in DD for the trip. Plus, if you’re lucky your friend’s party bus will drop you off at your house.


(Jello Shots? Yes please.)


(But first, let them take a selfie.)




(We all fall down…)


(Never too much dancing)




(In line)


(Prep work)


(Dig in)


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