Log #4 – Weekend Wear

The weekends are my opportunity to dress 100% the way I want. It’s not that I don’t look like me Monday-Friday when I’m at work, more that I look like an extra-put-together version of me (at least that’s what I’m going for). When dressing for work, or for anything important to me, I always take a moment to consider what I’m doing. Sure it would be easiest to roll out of bed and show up in sweats but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get behind someone’s budget analysis if they looked like they had their life less together than a college student. I also probably wouldn’t trust an executive’s “I can totally relate to you” speech if she was wearing a designer two piece and $500 heels. As noted in an article in 99U:

“If you need to be persuasive at work, the lesson from these studies is that there’s no single rule for how to dress. You need to balance the power of authority, which you get from smartness, against the allure of camaraderie, which comes from dressing like your audience.”

I’m lucky to be employed at an agency that rides the more casual end of the businesswear spectrum so there is definitely no single rule for how we have to dress. To be persuasive I don’t have to hide my tattoos but some of the things I got to wear when working in apparel would probably earn some major side eye. Not because it’s wrong but because it wouldn’t necessarily be similar to other people working on the account side of the agency world. Sometimes I do brave the side eye because I think it’s important to test boundaries and be adventurous with fashion but for the most part I tend to keep it pretty simple.

Let’s be honest some people consider anything beyond jeans and a t-shirt or slacks and a sweater as “…(long awkward pause) interesting.” Unlike the work week, weekends are for me to be me so I let myself be as interesting or as lazy as I want, regardless of how other people are dressing. Going to Target? Jeans and a graphic tee. Going to drinks? Something sleeveless and heels. Going to grab coffee? My coffee pants. Just kidding, I don’t have coffee pants. But I do have culottes and they are the perfect balance of tailored and comfortable so I can manage to look put together even before I have been caffeinated. Weekend won.








Photography: @Saraspicer

Styling: @Mariailona

Shoes, tank: Urban Outfitters

Pants: Uniqlo

Bomber: Macy’s 



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