Do #5 – Adding Plants to Your Space

Of course right as I get things going, I get ill. Twice in a row. Which resulted in me not doing much except going to work, sleeping and eating ramen. On the upside it did renew my desire to finish decorating my room and I finally got around to hanging some pictures and, most exciting, potting some plants.

Growing up, I always thought of my living-room as a pseudo-greenhouse. My mom had a way with plants and loved to garden so from inside to outside our lives were always full of plants, flowers and sometimes dirt when our dogs were being sassy. I didn’t realize how much of a green thumb my mom had until I was a teenager and people would stop on their walks around the neighborhood to tell her how much they loved her gardens and made a point to walk by. I told her how much I didn’t want to water the plants or weed the garden. It wasn’t until I moved to my own space that I realized how much I missed having those plants around, but it will probably be a bit until I start keeping a garden. Baby steps.

Greenery has long been credited as a stress reliever and, when inside the home, it has a way of bringing a space to life. Plus, there’s a plant for just about any design aesthetic—from bohemian to minimal to refined.” –A Master Class in Decorating With Plants

I think plants are often the forgotten items of the decor world. People generally know what they need to decorate a room: furniture, decoration for the walls, and knick-knacks they can refer to as “decor items” in front of their friends. Plants? It wasn’t until my third place that I realized I hadn’t even considered them. Not only can they have health benefits but they are truly one of the most versatile design pieces you can add to your space. You can add drama with a large tree, effectively fill unused or wasted space with a well styled cluster or go simple and subtle with a few well-placed pieces. However you choose to use them, plants truly liven up a room by adding new colors, shapes and textures to your space.

Now that I have three (alive!) plants, I’m playing around with how to incorporate them into my space, take a look at how it’s going so far below! Thinking of adding plants to your decor? Find some tips and inspo in this slideshow from Lonny or this write up from Apartment Therapy.


iWhole Room


IMG_2142 copy

IMG_2057 copy


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