Do #5 – Adding Plants to Your Space

Of course right as I get things going, I get ill. Twice in a row. Which resulted in me not doing much except going to work, sleeping and eating ramen. On the upside it did renew my desire to finish decorating my room and I finally got around to hanging some pictures and, most exciting, … Continue reading Do #5 – Adding Plants to Your Space


Do #4 – How to Award Ceremony

It’s award season, not just for the stars but for industry professionals too. We might not get a red carpet and designer gowns but, if we’re lucky, we do get free drinks and a fancy trophy to put in the office...

Do #3 – Party Bus Cheesesteaks

I’m going to start by saying that I have never been on a party bus before, or even had a drink on a bus for that matter, so when I got the invite to join a friend on her birthday party bus I was all in. Would there be laser lights? A partition (for Beyonce)? … Continue reading Do #3 – Party Bus Cheesesteaks


Do #2 – Surprise Holiday Party

Sometimes you actually have your life together and make good choices, other times you plan to get your life together tomorrow because “free” and “beer” and “tacos” were all just used together in the same sentence.


Do #1: Restaurant Week

It’s that time of year again, restaurant week in Philly that is, where I can try some of the more coveted dishes in Philly without making my wallet cry (it’s sensitive). For those of you unfamiliar...


Let’s do this thing

Another resolution blog! That’s essentially what I realized I was doing when this idea was conceived and I was both happy and bitter about that.


Fashion Log

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