Log #4 – Weekend Wear

Unlike the work week, weekends are for me to be me so I let myself be as interesting or as lazy as I want, regardless of how other people are dressing...


Log #3 – Saturday with Skagen

Whether you’re spending your Saturday running errands or putting off your errands to do something fun (let’s be real), watches are always a great and functional way to take your look to the next level...

Log #2 – Down for Drinks

The work day is coming to an end, you had that second cup of coffee, someone said a nice thing about you in a meeting (obviously), and you have come to the conclusion that it is NOT a gym/Netflix night...


Fashion Log #1

This is typical walking to/from work wear for me. I was born and raised in MN where we know how to get our cold on. No, the answer is not hibernating, it’s layering (and beer)...


Fashion Log

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