Do #5 – Adding Plants to Your Space

Of course right as I get things going, I get ill. Twice in a row. Which resulted in me not doing much except going to work, sleeping and eating ramen. On the upside it did renew my desire to finish decorating my room and I finally got around to hanging some pictures and, most exciting, … Continue reading Do #5 – Adding Plants to Your Space


Do #4 – How to Award Ceremony

It’s award season, not just for the stars but for industry professionals too. We might not get a red carpet and designer gowns but, if we’re lucky, we do get free drinks and a fancy trophy to put in the office...

Log #2 – Down for Drinks

The work day is coming to an end, you had that second cup of coffee, someone said a nice thing about you in a meeting (obviously), and you have come to the conclusion that it is NOT a gym/Netflix night...


Fashion Log #1

This is typical walking to/from work wear for me. I was born and raised in MN where we know how to get our cold on. No, the answer is not hibernating, it’s layering (and beer)...